Who am I ?


Fellow traveler and passionate video-maker, I have been working within various NGOs for 5 years in Europe, south-east Asia and western and central Africa in the environmental and human rights field. I studied communications and politics, and hold a master degree in geopolitics of natural resources. Little by little, as a teenager and then a young student, I have become aware of this very simple need to protect our planet and its inhabitants, and decided I was willing to try it out at my very small scale, following the path of many inspiring people I met along the road, trying to be the change I was willing to see in the world.

Let me tell you it is no piece of cake and I sometimes end up being no change at all. But I love trying, and I had the chance to share moments with so many good people, friends, family, teachers, colleagues, travelers, that I do believe that hope and deeply rooted happiness are incredibly powerful drivers of change.

Civil society’s work and community’s initiatives are fascinating me, so are people’s smiles, and I am happy to help sharing them through this project, counting on people’s smiles contagious potential to make happiness go viral.


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