?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I am lucky to have met many friends, family, colleagues, that are supporting me with smiles, sweet words, energy and many kinds of helps. This project is happening thanks to those hummingbirds being present in my life…

Gratitude is a great form of happiness to me. So, the least I can say is : thank you !

– Catherine Capestan : loving mother, assisting me for a couple of years now with all her advices, logictical help, always available when I need to consult her (and I do, LOADS !)

– Laurence Coyas : talented painter who offered her skills to illustrate the three video categories, and created three colorful, joyful illustrations of them !

– Gaetan Reine : dynamic video-maker who trained me on video-editing, gave me thousands of advices, and always has the sweetest words to keep me motivated to go forward !

– Volt : as skilled as sensitive, but wants to remain anonymous… Offered his comics to illustrate how Happiness can also be a laugh thrown at absurd dramas !


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