Happy Planet

Anyone who has once opened a window on a fresh morning and felt some air over a beautiful landscape will know what I mean: Our planet is blissfully beautiful. From its forests to its oceans, through its mountains and deserts, our environment is breath-taking and incredibly precious.

Having worked in the fight against deforestation and the promotion of indigenous people’s rights, I am very sensitive to sustainable development issues and the need to protect our resources and the people who depend on them for their survival. Again, I am not here to show the problems: this is, I think, already being done and documented very well by professionals. I want to show beauty, and solutions to preserve this beauty. Hopefully, there are many enlightening solutions, but they might not be highlighted enough. Communities who have peacefully fought to win their traditional rights’ recognition over their territories, civil society organizations taking action to preserve their country, companies committing to a better, sustainable development, citizens gathering to tackle an environmental issue… Each video will focus on one ecosystem and how people are preserving it.


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