Happy Initiatives

Once upon a time, a huge fire started to destroy the forest. All the animals went away, terrified, watching the disaster helplessly. Only the small hummingbird kept flying and flying back and forth between the river and the burning trees, carrying few drops of water in his little beak. 

After a while, getting annoyed by this ridiculous bustle, the other animals asked him: “Well, little hummingbird, are you crazy? You will never stop the fire this way!”
And the little hummingbird answered: “I know. But I do my share”

A country’s strength originates in its people’s initiatives. At a village level, in a school, within a local organization or a national network… The world is amazingly filled with those creative people who are fighting every day for their ideas and for making the world a little bit better.

I want to find some of those hummingbirds, and draw happy portraits of them with my camera. What are you doing to color your world? Community initiatives, civil society organizations in the human rights, education, or environmental sectors, working with indigenous peoples, children or women, doing advocacy work… Hummingbirds are everywhere and act in very different ways.

Help me find them and talk about their inspiring initiatives!


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