Happy Countries

Happiness can be in people’s daily life, food, family, sport, art, work, landscape, religion, symbols… Each country has tons of those small happiness sources.

I want to capture one of them in each country, grab its essence, together with people who want to show their culture’s colorful strength. I want to show another image than what major media usually highlight: conflicts, poverty, human rights violations, corruption, difficulties… Yes, they are present and I am not denying the importance of communicating on them. But I want to convey a message of hope and pride: humans can stand up and smile as an act of defiance, and we will not stop fighting for our future generations’ happiness.

As Daniela Bannoura, a young Palestinian I had the chance to interview in the “happy country” video I filmed there, said : “Happiness comes to me when I fall down, when I see the tragedy and I say No : I will not stay down but I will rise up again and I will be strong, and I will be constructive. (…) Yes, there is tragedy, but then our happiness is magnified because of that tragedy.”

This first set of videos will then be about one specific happy theme to be defined in each country, based on this simple question: what is happiness in your country? Yes, the answer can be complex, and multiple. But Happiness can also very well be lying within very simple examples. Together with the participants, we can define one representative example of where people’s smiles originate, and develop a happy video promoting their country.


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