The Happy World Tour Project

What is happiness? What is it made of? how does happiness look like for you and for people around the world ?

Freedom, peace, love, excitement… How can we capture hope, and beauty of fighting for happiness instead of surrendering to overwhelming dissatisfactions? What more beautiful message than Happiness as a sign of defiance?

I want to talk about people’s happiness, about bliss and the beautiful strength of a smile.
We need to show the world as a beautiful place, with beautiful people, and that there is space for hope in every glimpse of it.
I have one camera and the world to visit – ok, let’s be rational, a sample of it. Welcome to the Happy World Tour Project !


1 traveler, 1 camera, random countries around the world…

I need Happy People to make this project happen! I am free as a bird, with my backpack, my camera and computer, and no strict travel plans, so that I can dig the country and meet people anywhere. Some of the local contacts are being taken in advance, but chance holds a huge role in this project. It is by travelling and meeting inspirational people, most of the time very randomly, that I can get new ideas, orientate the video and get the images I want.

The participation is, of course, voluntary and unpaid. I am adapting to everyone’s schedule and filming what I am authorized to by the participants. I am of interested in meeting all kind of people and I want to include a representative sample in all the videos: men, women, children, old people, various communities…. If needed to say, I have no racism-tolerance, and gender equality, respect for all-human beings, and human rights are key values to me! Everyone is very welcome to participate!

I then edit videos of approximately 3 minutes each, mostly on site with the help of local translators when needed, and make them publicly available on Youtube, with the participants’ free, prior and informed consent.

You can check the facebook page :


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